The Euelsberg - Our hill of owls



The idea

It started with a present from our parents: Great-grandpa's orchard, the Euelsberg (Owls hill). With more than 90 fruit trees. Apples, pears, mirabelles, plums, walnuts. What to do with it? The idea was born after a couple of drinks: We are going to open up a distillery! Followed by two years of learning, studying, internships at other distilleries, scouting distilleries... until we dared to actually do it. In the meantime the distillery has been built and we are actually producing our own gin. 


Great-grandpa's apples

The kind of orchard that great-grandpa planted hardly still exists anymore. In former times they were very popular. The cattle could feed under the trees. There is no fertilizer used on our orchard. Pure organic. 


Eifel Meadows

The Eifel meadows and forest are offering numerous flavours that we are using. Yarrow, for example, a traditional flower that grows on Eifel meadows, is used in our floral gin. And in spring we are producing syrup from spruce sprouts.