Our Gin

Our first product was supposed to be ONE gin. But then Stephan started experimenting in his flavour lab with 120 herbs. And it turned out to be 12 flavours, 3 of which we found so irresistible that we had to produce them as the first batches.


Euelsberger 1

Pepper and lemon flavours were the first thought. A pleasant, fascinating gin, spicy and fresh at the same time.

Juniper, cubeb pepper, szechuan pepper, long pepper, black pepper, red pepper, white pepper, monks pepper, lime peel, bitter orange peel, kaffir lime peel, lemon peel, lemongrass.


Euelsberger 2

A gin purely made from flowers - and obviously juniper.
Very smooth taste, with a noticeable flavour or daisy. 

Juniper, marshmallow, lavender, marigold, hibiskus, mallow, lime blossom, red poppy, violet, elderflower, peony, lily, daisy, jasmin,
orange blossom, yarrow.

Flaschen_Eule3 -CWSA-WSA .jpg

Euelsberger 3

The oriental mix. Those who like plum, cumin, anise and extraordinary flavours will love it.

Juniper, plum, cinnamon, orange, cardamom, tonka bean, cocoa bean, star anise, cumin, lapacho bark, kola nut, hibiscus blossom, lotus seed, apricot seed, rose hip, rose root, guarana, tormentil, licorice, aniseed.